Cool Gadgets for 2008

Gadgets are those small and not so small things that make us feel the advances of technology in our daily life. It is true that technology advances very quickly and many items that we have seen in science fiction movies are now a reality. Here are some cool gadgets, which might not belong to science fiction movies but are certainly untraditional:

1. USB Coffee mug. Now this is something really hot! You might have always dreamed how your computer will do the housework for you. Well, this gadget does not cook or clean but it can take care that your coffee is warm enough for you. You can plug this gadget into a USB socket in your computer or in the cigarette socket of your car and make yourself some coffee. This coffee mug can be found here and it costs only $19.99.

2. Baby Monitors/Baby Phones. Baby monitors might not be a technology miracle but they can do miracles for you! Just place the baby monitor next to your baby and you won’t have to check if the baby is awake because when he or she is, the monitor will notify you. Now you can have more time for yourself and still take care of your child. You can find many baby monitors on and their prices range from $20 to $200.

3. DigiMemo – a digital notebook. Nowadays people write less because they type more. Still, very often it is more convenient to make fast notes in ink and then transfer them to your PC. DigiMemo is intended to do exactly this and even if your handwriting is far from perfect, it will manage to decode it. The cheapest models are under $100. You can purchase them and find more information here.

4. A portable hotspot. If you want to have a wireless connection no matter where you are and you don’t want to depend on the availability of public hotspots, how about carrying a hotspot in your pocket? PHS300 is a portable hotspot you might like. You can buy it from here for $179.99.

5. The laptops of Alienware. Computers with cute cases have always been geek favorites but you don’t have to be a geek in order to love the laptops of Alienware. Their laptops ARE science fiction because of their futuristic look. At the same time, they are all pieces of art! The laptops start at $1,699 and you can choose exactly what components you want to have. Have a look for yourself at their site.

6. Helio Ocean device. GSMs and PDAs are an usual item on any cool gadget list and the Helio Ocean device is not an exception. It is a mobile, dual-slider device with a full QWERTY keyboard and a separate numeric keypad, a stylish overall design and very powerful inside. You can use it for voice calls, texting, GPS and everything else a 3G network can offer. You can get it for $399 from this $19.99 keyboard is water-resistant, so you can take it everywhere.


The article was originally published in the Long Island Pulse magazine.

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