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XnView Review

Everybody has some small programs that can hardly do without. Well, in my case the programs are not exactly a few good ones but a whole lotta of them and one of the really beloved ones is XnView. I have tried many image browsers over the years and the other two I used for some time were Irfan View and ACDSee but after I was recommended XnView, I almost forgot about the rest. Continue reading

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The Use of Screencasts to Educate

Dealing with end-users or simply beginners is not always a pleasant and easy experience for tech jerks. I personally sometimes get irritated when I have to explain for a thousandth time a simple concept I have already clarified in layman’s terms a day or two ago. While I was working as Technical Support and I dealt with users all the time, one of the intricacies of helping people over the phone or via e-mail was the lack of picture – if only I could show them what I wanted, or see what was on their screen, then it would have been much easier to find the problem and solve it. Continue reading

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