How to Find and Select IT Staff

IT pros are among the most sought after experts and it is crucial that you find the right people. People are your main asset and they make or break a company, especially in areas that are as knowledge-dependent as IT is. Good IT experts have many offers to choose from and this is something you should never forget when looking for new IT employees. Continue reading

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Types of Printers and Major Tech Parameters

When you are choosing a new printer to purchase, you first need to know what you will use it for. This was the topic of the first article in the series. Now let’s continue with some more technical details about the types of printers you can choose from. Continue reading

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How to Choose a Printer – Know Your Needs

With so many types and models of printers on the market, it might look like choosing a printer is a piece of cake. However, there are so many factors you must consider before you make your final decision. Basically, you need to determine what you need the printer for and your budget and from here it gets easier to choose the best printer for you. Continue reading

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Intel Xeon Phi Co-processor Cards

The Intel Xeon Phi co-processor cards are one of the latest additions to the x86 Intel family and they are aimed to make multi-threading easier and more efficient. They bring huge improvements to parallel performance. Here is more about them. Continue reading

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7 Free (or Cheap) Ways to Improve PC Performance

Sometimes I think that a computer is an always hungry monster – no matter how much you feed it, it is still hungry. Even if you spend a fortune on a powerful computer, you still will want more performance from it. On the other hand, there are many tricks that can help you improve your computer’s performance without spending tons of money. Here are some suggestions how you can improve your computer’s performance for free or for cheap: Continue reading

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How Cloud Computing Affects IT Departments and IT Staff

Cloud computing is a technology with a huge potential we still don’t use to the fullest. With all the benefits cloud computing offers to IT departments of all sizes, it is commonly considered a technology that can help companies cope successfully with infrastructure challenges and the lack of qualified staff. Continue reading

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GFI WebMonitor – THE Internet Monitoring Software for Your Enterprise

One piece of software that recently caught my attention is an Internet monitoring software. The program is called GFI WebMonitor and it is a complete web platform for securing your enterprise. The risks the Internet poses to businesses are numerous and it is nothing but common sense that you need reliable and robust software to defend yourself against the dangers of the Net. Continue reading

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Review of GFI Vipre Antivirus Business

Enterprise security is hard to achieve without the proper tools. While certainly there is no shortage of antimalware products for the enterprise, picking a really good one isn’t that easy. If you are looking for a good enterprise antimalware product, GFI Vipre Antivirus Business might be exactly what you need. Continue reading

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Protect Your Network with GFI LANguard

Securing a network isn’t fun but if you fail to do it, the outcome could be disastrous. For small and midsized enterprises, the challenges can be really significant because you have a relatively large number of machines to monitor and you don’t have the lavish budget of large companies. Still, there are many affordable tools you can use to protect your network and GFI LANguard is one of your best choices. Continue reading

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Booting Your Computer


Have you ever asked yourself how many steps does your computer perform from the moment you press the power switch to turn it on till the moment your favorite desktop wallpaper shines it its full glory in front of you? Well, there are many steps that the computer performs in order you to be able to enjoy your powerful hardware and your slick software but when a step or two fails to execute and you can’t access the contents of your computer, you become more and more interested to know what exactly happens when you boot your computer and what could have potentially gone wrong that turns your ultra high-tech computer into a useless piece of metal (and some plastic, to be more precise). Continue reading

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