How to Choose a Good Web Hosting Provider

With so many and so diverse Web hosting offers to choose from, the most difficult part is to decide what exactly you need in any case, what you can do without and what would be nice to have but can be sacrificed if necessary. After you have the idea what you are after, it is almost certain that you will manage to find the solution in no time at all. And if you don’t find the ideal solution the first time you try, you can always consider another hosting provider and move your site there. Continue reading

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Cool Gadgets for 2008

Gadgets are those small and not so small things that make us feel the advances of technology in our daily life. It is true that technology advances very quickly and many items that we have seen in science fiction movies are now a reality. Here are some cool gadgets, which might not belong to science fiction movies but are certainly untraditional: Continue reading

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Kubuntu and Edubuntu 6.06 Beta Review

Every now and then a particular Linux distribution appears and causes a splash with its stability, usability, support of myriads of pieces of hardware, abundance of features, etc. Although it does not fit exactly in the above description, one of the recent splashes is the Debian-based Ubuntu Linux and its derivatives Kubuntu and Edubuntu. Continue reading

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