Review of GFI Vipre Antivirus Business

Enterprise security is hard to achieve without the proper tools. While certainly there is no shortage of antimalware products for the enterprise, picking a really good one isn’t that easy. If you are looking for a good enterprise antimalware product, GFI Vipre Antivirus Business might be exactly what you need.

A New Approach to Antimalware Protection

Everybody, who has ever had to deal with malware, knows that long gone are the days when viruses were your main problem. Viruses still do exist but the more modern forms of malware are a bigger risk.

This is why getting an antivirus-only program is of no much use because such a program doesn’t protect against all the other types of malware. What you need is an antimalware program. For instance, GFI Vipre Antivirus (despite its name) is not confined to viruses only and this is why you can rely on it.

Straightforward Installation

Before you can use GFI Vipre Antivirus, you need to install it. The installation takes some time but having in mind how many components it has to install and configure, this isn’t something to complain about.

When you start the installation, the first step is to choose what you want to install.

If you have your own SQL database, you can connect GFI Vipre Antivirus Business with it. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, the installation script will install and configure for you SQL Express – you just need to pick this option when you install the software.

When you are done with the install, before you start using the application, there are some post-install config tasks. They aren’t difficult – in fact, there is a wizard that you run and you only answer a question every now and then. The starting page of the VIPRE Database Configuration Wizard is shown in the screenshot below.

The wizard also gives you an option to configure Site Service – i.e. options such as registration key, proxy settings, email notifications, logging, and most importantly – updates.

Agent install – i.e. installing the software on the workstations it will protect – is the last thing you need to set. You can do it from inside the application and you can create MSI, MST, or EXE install packages for easier installation on agents.

Features You Will Love

The first impression I got from GFI Vipre Antivirus Business is that it is very intuitive to use – obviously, it is designed ‘by admins for admins’.

The dashboard is your starting point inside the application. Every techie will appreciate the fact that you can configure the dashboard to show what you need. Just right-click somewhere on the dashboard and you will open a dialog similar to the one shown below:

Choose what you want to be displayed on the dashboard and you are done. The management console is really easy to use.

The core features of GFI Vipre Antivius Business are the most interesting part of the application. Unlike many other antimalware programs, which significantly load the protected machines, this one doesn’t slow performance because it uses intelligent scanning. As a result, it requires low amounts of RAM to function properly.

The reports included in GFI Vipre Antivirus Business are also a feature every admin will love. The reports show a lot of interesting stuff, like what kind of threads have been diagnosed, which machines have been infected, etc. You can get an idea about the reports interface from the screenshot below.

All in all, GFI Vipre Antivirus Business is a decent and straightforward antimalware program for the enterprise. It protects against many kinds of malware. It doesn’t have a firewall and some additional features, such as intrusion detection because many companies use other products for this purpose. However, if you really need a firewall and some firewall-related features, you might want to check the Premium version. GFI Vipre Antivirus Business Premium includes ad blocking and a firewall in addition to all the other features I already told you about.

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