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Dealing With Blue Screens of Death (BSOD)

If blue is your favorite color, maybe there is a guaranteed way to start hating it – by seeing it five times a day, accompanies by really charming messages that gently inform you that any unsaved information might be loss or that there was a hardware failure and so on. You guess what I am talking about? Blue Screens of Death, of course. The effects of Blue Screens can vary from causing slight irritation for the user, to real disaster for the data on the computer, to rushing to the computer shop for buying new hardware, etc. I was joking about the negative feelings towards the blue color because of frequent Blue Screens but if you really want (or have reasons – for instance if you are color blind), you can open the system.ini file and change the Screen of Death to be in a different color. More information about what to do after you open the system.ini can be found here. Continue reading

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