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No Turnover of People – Should You Be Happy?

The daily problems an IT manager has to solve are so diverse that it is hardly possible to classify them in order of importance or difficulty. But one of the recurring problems that managers in many companies face is turnover of people. For some companies turnover of staff is a chronic disease that causes more trouble and leads to more problems than any other issue, including competition or market changes. Continue reading

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Offshoring – Vacation Time?

Offshoring is a controversial issue and it has supporters and opponents both in the countries where projects are outsorced from and in the countries to which the jobs go. The interests of the parties involved in an offshored project are different, therefore the arguments they have for and against offshoring are also different. But one is for sure – no matter if it is liked or disliked, outsourcing and offshoring are here to stay for the next decades. Continue reading

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Why Offshoring Fails

Statistical data about offshoring failures is controversial and it is difficult to say whether the failure percentage of offshored projects is higher, lower, or equal to the failure rate of onshore projects. According to the 2005 Ventoro Report on offshoring, 45 percent of the respondents in their survey considered their offshoring strategy to be successful, while 36% considered it a failure. According to Gartner, “Through 2007, 80 percent of organizations that outsource customer service and support contact centres with the primary goal of reducing cost will fail.” So it seems that before declaring a project a failure, it is necessary to have clear criteria how to measure success and failure – by cost savings alone or by taking other factors (i.e. quality and customer satisfaction) into account. Continue reading

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